Creazioni Sonia Sonia is not simply a company which has been producing ready to wear samples of the finest kind for over 20 years.
Creazioni Sonia is a dream.

Claudio's dream who, in 1975 founded the company with only an employee and 5 textile machines. Sonia would arrive two years later and would become a fundamental cornerstone for the company's growth. A company that today produces about fifty ready to wear patterns per week.

With passion and talent, Creazioni Sonia has gone from processing buttonholes and decorations under contract to collections for some of the best Italian and European companies. It became later a producer of ready to wear clothing well known for its undisputed quality and refinement.

The small room where Claudio first started in, became the elegant showroom that is today and his dream of more that 40 years has been passed on to his three children. Helmut, with his strong commercial sense, Dayana, a skillful manager and Virginia, the creative one are the present and future of Creazioni Sonia, the ones that will carry on Claudio's work.

Creazioni Sonia is a company born from Claudio's dream which is evolving in the future of Helmut, Dayana and Virgina, with the wise guide of Sonia.

Structured, dynamic, through the years it has created around itself a strong credibility as a ready to wear clothing and collection producer, after having started as a company processing products under contract.

At the present time Creazioni Sonia has 15 employees, all actively involved in the creative process that produces more than 1500 patterns per season, created with the finest taste and careful research of materials.Creazioni Sonia has established itself as the right answer for all these costumers that want to select clothing items designed with great attention.

See the quality of production with your own eyes by visiting the Showroom in Via delle tre ville in Campi Bisenzio.

If you need further information, you can click on the contact section on our website or call 055.776.67.33.

Creazioni Sonia is a dream.

Claudio's dream that, in 1975, founded the company


Observing the market today to foreseen what will happen tomorrow. Modern clothing, born from a ten-years experience of production and with the lively creativity of talented designers with a constant attention to market new trends.


Unique and very modern patterns, created fastly, able to satisfy the most demanding clients and to recreate with originality the most recent fashion trends.


Tailoring clothes is an art that Creazioni Sonia has been performing for many years. Its velocity and precision in tailoring offer clients perfect dresses in a very fast mode.


For more than 20 years Creazioni Sonia has been creating ready to wear clothing and collections. Thanks to Sonia's experience and Virginia's freshness, Creazioni Sonia is able to produce weekly a set of at least fifty different patterns, satisfying completely costumer's most demanding expectations.

The production chain starts from the talent and ideas of those who, with attention and intuition, are able to understand the signs of the fashion market, which is constantly changing. From there starts the products development, thanks to the experience of fast and efficient designers and the company's staff.

You could verify the uniqueness of Creazioni Sonia's patterns visiting our sample room in the Showroom in Campi Bisenzio. Talent, velocity of production and quality of the material make Creazioni Sonia a perfect partner for all the great professionals that work in the fashion field.

For further information on clothing items produced by Confezioni Sonia you can contact the company at 055.776.67.33 or use the contact section on our website.


Creazioni Sonia is a company that produces excellent quality ready to wear clothing. You can have a look at the latest collection created by the imagination of Sonia and Virginia visiting directly the company's showroom in Campi Bisenzio, in via delle Tre Ville 99/101.

To schedule an appointment contact the company calling the number

Sales : serena@creazionisonia.it
Admnistration : susanna@creazionisonia.it